Exposicion Colectiva + Pomegranates


My first sketch in Castilblanco was of a pomegranate. A fruit rich in mythology, it is associated with the goddess of fertility; both life giving and death giving

Symbolic of creation with a calyx the shape of a crown.

I saw the pomegranate tree on day one of the residency and it was truly beautiful. Not ripe yet, they have a green/yellow hew with brilliant red flowers spilling out of the buds. 

They’ll be ready in September. 

And in the strange alchemy of art making, the fruit found its way into my animations by introducing green to the party (a color I rarely use) along with the rippling pattern of leaves.

The tree’s influence was strong and our musician in residence, Rachel, started playing Etz Harimon on her Viola. It means “The Pomegranate Tree” in Hebrew. 

The pomegranate tree gave out its scent. From the dead sea to Jericho.

It is a love song, a song of longing. 

Absorbed in the art-making process, we drifted through the house humming the melody. The Andalusian breeze carried our little songs throughout the villa and I spent each day creating while longing for my boyfriend.

Ai! What a feeling! It was a very poetic month!

Fast forward to our opening night, Rachel played the pomegranate song and the gallery filled with its familiar tune. Time stopped for me.

(And this was welcomed after such a whirlwind of a month).

To be honest, I was nervous for the show. I’m not terribly interested in exposure, I didn't know if I was ready, and mass attention generally makes me awkward. But it was worth the nerves.

My favorite moment was a translated conversation with a little girl, asking how she could get started in animation. 

I’ll always remember that. 

And I’m more clear on what I’m doing. Ultimately I want to set a good example and to live in positivity and innovation, curiosity and beauty. With a lot of love. 

Just this.