For Ghosts

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“A shrine to the protective spirit of a place.”

Most houses and businesses in Thailand have a spirit house placed on the property. Kind of like a miniature temple. TO PROVIDE A SHELTER FOR SPIRITS THAT COULD CAUSE PROBLEMS IF NOT APPEASED! A bottle of red Fanta is usually included to represent blood/sacrifice.

This practice inspired me to create sort of a “spirit room” in Bangkok’s abandoned Ghost Tower. This was right after I quit my job, to try roughing it until making it somewhere else. Jobless in a foreign city. Maybe the tower’s ghosts didn’t need appeased but I did and was projecting.

All leaps of transition are disorienting. Yet we may find peace knowing that we are in a constant state of this; never not changing.

If we resist this reality and choose to linger in a space that outgrows us…beware that our spirits will become angry.

Do not haunt your own life.