First scene of the VR project, A Conversation. Video built for sharing purposes and to showcase audio. Thank you so much!

This project seeks to create conversation around mental health via Virtual Reality; a private and immersive medium with big potential for storytelling. 

It explores the creation of alternative worlds for people to contribute and listen to topics not yet common in conversation. Although these environments may not be easy to find in real life, there are many ways we can create them.

Step 1 of this project involved collecting voluntary recordings and responses to three questions regarding mental health.

After receiving these recordings, I was compelled to create a world that honored each story, an environment that visually represented the sacredness of vulnerability and the peace of togetherness.

Sculpted avatars were created for the participants. 
They sit together on pedestals on a floating island of flowers. 

Together, we create a conversation. 

Taking the project further, Iā€™d like to guide the viewer through the landscape and weave in the written submissions.

In the meantime, I invite you to read them here.