This project seeks to create conversation around mental health via Virtual Reality, a medium that is both private and immersive.

A 3D environment is created to smoothly guide a participant through sound art and voice recordings of anonymous voices, discussing their journey with mental and emotional challenges. The visual aesthetics will reflect my style; relaxing, colorful, fluid, floral.

May is mental health awareness month! The goal is to contribute to the movement of de-stigmatizing mental health, and also to help those suffering feel less alone. Project set to display at Wild Goose Creative Friday, May 24th as part of our spring show; In Bloom.

Note: Care taken to best insure none of the material in the final VR triggers relapse for those struggling to maintain equilibrium.

PLease record your responses to 1 or all of the following questions

What is your experience with anxiety, depression, PTSD or other mental/ emotional challenges?

What does it feel like when you are experiencing the effects?

What would you say to comfort someone who is currently experiencing this?

Not a fan of recording yourself? I get that! Iā€™d still love to incorporate your thoughts. You may also send your responses in writing here. Up to you :)

thank you <3