TOP RATED: My Freelance Journey with Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

My first job here was editing a woman’s GoPro videos for $10/hr. Her name was Celeste and she was walking the Camino De Santiago (a pilgrimage in Spain). As per our contract, she would send hours of video footage each day documenting her walk, and I would cut it down to under 5 minutes.

I was living at my Dads house while he was away in Thailand. At the time I was in my early 20s, single and confused (upset) about being back in America. My only companions at this house in the woods were stray cats and our old parrot.

So in that special sort of solitude, I sat with Celeste’s video footage daily, for over a month.

It was a simple routine. Every morning I woke up, put a kettle on for green tea and listened to Chinese music. Danced around. After working for an hour, I took a bath and read books on mysticism.

$10 a day was all I needed to survive.

I looked forward to editing the videos. Celeste was an author, around my mom’s age, (and a beginner with the GoPro) so it would often just be recordings of her thoughts, a stream of consciousness complementing the bumpy video footage. She was writing a new book on her experience so I tried to cut to the good stuff; thoughts and ideas that she might find useful.

If you’re familiar with the Camino De Santiago, you know that it takes a long time to walk! Her pilgrimage came to about 40 days.

Near the 20 day mark, things got a little spooky...I found myself waking each morning around 4AM before returning to sleep. A few days later, while listening to her contemplations, she mentioned waking at this time every morning (4AM: The angel’s hour, she said).

Another time, after digging around the bathroom cabinets, I found Eucalyptus salts and integrated this into my bath routine. It smelled very strong but good! The next day, Celeste took a path delving into a Eucalyptus forest and she had A LOT to say about the experience. She loved it.

And maybe it was all the books on mysticism and my isolation in the woods, but I truly felt connected to her journey, to a soul navigating worldly terrain. I followed her journey with attention and sensitivity as my own spirit lay roots to a love of freelance that could, in turn, grant me freedom.

I took these symbols of congruency as little nudges of encouragement from the universe that…even displaced back to my hometown with no lover and no money, I was on the right path.

Since this first project, I’ve worked almost exclusively with authors on Upwork. From Sugar Baby Coaches to Deviant Taoists, I’ve enjoyed tuning in with someone’s (often juicy and unconventional) vision and helping them to share their experience with the world.

After receiving notification that I’m a Top-Rated freelancer on this platform, I wanted to reflect on the journey and write out my gratitude for this quiet time of uncertainty. Far from my $10 days, I am now able to support myself exclusively through my base of clients. And I wouldn’t have gotten here without this gentle period of slow work and reflection.

So, in summary I want to say Thanks Upwork! Connecting with and working for others all across the world has been lovely, surprising and enriching.