In Praise of Living Spherically

I watched Under the Tuscan Sun last night. You may already be feeling some judgment so I definitely won’t tell you it made me cry 5 times...But I digress!

In this movie there is that woman, the one who loves life. Lindsay Duncan is her real name and in the film she’s Katherine. She’s introduced to us while rubbing her cheek against the soft feathers of a baby duck. She wears big hats. She eats ice cream all of the time.

The film embraces her as a work of art, a symbol of pleasure. When she breaks up with a lover she is found the next night, wearing a beautiful black dress while dancing in a fountain to mend her heartbreak.

So she’s not the main character but she has all of my attention.
Some people call her crazy but more people call her amazing.

At some point she passes on some advice about living spherically.

Originally stated by Italian filmmaker, Federico Fellini

You have to live spherically, in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm and things will come your way.

Many different directions:

Up, down, all sides, back, forth, and at an angle.

Making eventually, this spherical path throughout life, I assume!

And I really latch onto this advice because it super resonates.

Why?  Well. I’ve become sort of a digital jack-of-all-trades. At one point I was editing videos in Bangkok, then I was a web designer in the Canary Islands, now I’m a digital artist going to Spain but taking a minor detour into sales funnels...

SALES FUNNELS! And I love them! Can we PLEASE talk about sales funnels for a hot second?

To make some extra cash I’ve picked up a writing gig with a relationship coach of sorts.

And I’ve learned that to get someone to sign up for a service like this…you’ve got to pump up the persuasion. But you also have to invite persuasion’s good sister: empathy.

Having this duo of persuasion and empathy really is a superpower because you can use it to get whatever you want. And well, yes—It therefore has to be used responsibly.

But let’s tie it back to the spherical thing.

Persuasion and empathy come naturally to humans but I think these traits can really blossom together in an environment rich in two things;

  1. New perspective 
  2. A big ol’ variety of experience.

And to get these? Expand outwards! Boomerang all over the place!

For me, living spherically has been taken REAL literal in the global sense but it needn’t be geographical. Lifestyle can be spherical. Ideas can be spherical.

And this flexibility of direction pays off in unexpected ways, if just to make you feel more in touch with people.

A spherical life: I want to live like an artist. I want to work in an office. I want to be basic. I want to be wild. I want to make a lot of money. I want to be a housewife and hang laundry on the line while it’s sunny with a slight breeze.
I want to have many more adventures, however that manifests.

And then go a little to the left and a little to the right.

This way of living doesn’t mean you can’t be committed to people and places. Currently I’m having a peaceful time in life, finding cozy places in love with my boyfriend while STILL going to Spain.

The Round-About take-away? Ultimately, we can have many lives in one lifetime. If the world is spherical and orbiting in space, we’re constantly ending up where we were before anyways (but older and wiser and sexier).

There is always time to learn. We can pace ourselves. Have tea with a friend. Run up a hill.There is always time to eat ice cream, with a lover or your own beautiful self.

Now sign up for my relationship coaching! Just kidding :)